Importance of Ayurveda

Importance of Ayurveda And Yoga in Life Development

Patanjali defined in Yoga Sutra’s to yoga followers to instill themselves with techniques to balance the body combining Ayurveda/herbs in foods of daily intake. Natural treatment is one of the very effective way to control tamas , stress in daily activity.The tendency of the intuitive mind, towards the integral development of life, and the whole blossoming of man even while living in this materialistic world, this impassioned affirmation of the positive living, the acceptance of the body as the best instrument for the realization of the self here on the earth, of the best blessings of the profound spiritual realms, resulted in the obtaining of the unmatched , deep insight, the subtle determining vital powers and secrets in the human system that govern the radiance health and longevity led to the creation of the fifth Veda called the Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the science of life. It shows us the way to remove diseases, to keep a sound health and to attain a long life.The wonderful science cannot be rooted out of India. It is deeply rooted here in the hearts if children of India., the offspring’s of the great physicians the Charaka, Sushruta, Madhava, Vagbhata, Sharanadhara, and Dhanwantari. Even if all the books on Ayurveda are lost today it will definitely survive.The efficacy of the Ayurvedic medicines prepared strictly in accordance with the methods presented by the Ayurvedic texts is very great and their curative powers cannot be in the least doubted or disputed.

Ayurveda in vogue in India Since very early times. The ayurveda and siddha systems have played a vital role in the sphere of the public health. Their popularity is due to their availability, cheapness and efficacy, but their through knowledge was confined to a few specialist only. There was a paucity of standardization of drugs and therefore the Ayurvedic systems did not keep pace with the Allopathic systems.

An ayurvedic physician is very accurate in presenting the cause, symptoms and treatment of the disease. He accurately diagnoses the diseases by feeling the pulse or looking at the eyes and thee face. He brings about the balance of the three hum ours in the body i.e – Vata(Wind), Pitta (bile). and Kapha (Phlegm) by administering the suitable rasas in correct proportions.

Ayurveda is based on the ten fundamental considerations – Dusyam, Desam , Balam , Kalam, Prakriti, Vayaha, Satvam , Satmyam, Aharam.

Ayurveda can cure certain diseases which Allopathic pharmacopoeia has no remedy. There are many great indigenous drugs of extreme utility but little known to the students of Allopathy. The Allopaths are emerging from the slough of empiricism. Many of the empirical methods of treatment adopted by Ayurvedic Physicians knew are nowadays being brought to light as a new discovery by the Allopaths. If people follow the treatment according to the methods of the Charaka, there will be few chronic invalids in the world.

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